Cannulated Screw System

Minimally Invasive, Easy to Use.zimmercnltdscr01

The minimally invasive instrumentation and surgical technique for the Zimmer Cannulated Screw System are designed to limit additional trauma through percutaneous guides and small incisions.

Multiple Choices, Optimum Results.

The Zimmer Cannulated Screw System features a wide variety of screw sizes for mini-, small-, and large-bone applications. Sizes range from 3.0mm to 7.5mm in diameter, and lengths up to 180mm. Partially threaded and fully threaded designs in a comprehensive size offering allow the surgeon to cover the spectrum of applications.

Biodur®1 108 Alloy allows the Zimmer Cannulated Screw System to feature deeper threads and a larger cannula without compromising screw strength. The larger cannula accommodates a larger/stiffer guide wire. The guide wire’s enhanced strength and stiffness help to protect it from skiving, deflecting, or walking on the bone. This affords greater accuracy in guide wire placement and screw insertion.

zimmercnltdscrpelviszimmercnltdscrproxfem zimmercnltdscrdistfem


Pelvis                                       Proximal Femur                             Distal Femur

zimmercnltdscrproxtib zimmercnltdscrdisttib zimmercnltdscrfoot_rev2

Proximal Tibia                               Distal Tibia                                                Foot