Collagen Repair Patch

Product Description

The Zimmer Collagen Repair Patch is a biological implant consisting of an acellular scaffold of collagen and elastin, derived from porcine dermal tissue. The material is purified and crosslinked through a proprietary process that makes it resistant to collagenase degradation.

The Zimmer Collagen Repair Patch is designed to be durable, and resistant to degradation and enzymatic attack. No sensitization, rejection, allergenicity, or significant inflammatory response has been observed in animal testing.1

In an animal study, this unique scaffold was proven to be strong with good cell infiltration and rapid revascularization.In tensile tests, the Zimmer Collagen Repair Patch was shown to withstand a significantly larger load than small intestinal submucosa (SIS) patches.Chart 1

Chart 2


Good strength of repair and integration with native tendon tissue were invariably shown in all animals at 24 weeks.2

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