Disposable Cylindrical Cuffs

Low-Profile/High-Performance Surgical Tourniquet Cuffs

Zimmer Sterile Disposable Cuffs are designed and manufactured to ensure performance while providing single-use convenience. A comprehensive offering provides multiple options to help the clinician meet patient needs. These medical tourniquet features can help you create “Your Circle of Confidence.”

Color Coding

For easy size identification.

Protection Sleeves

Specially designed to complement Zimmer tourniquet cuffs and help protect the patient from soft tissue damage.

90-Degree Ports

Help keep hoses clear of the surgical site.


No cleaning, no cross contamination.

Single/Dual Bladder Options

Offers clinicians’ convenient choices for cuff style and sizing.

Positive Locking Connectors*

Help prevent unintentional detachment from regulator hoses. *Cuffs with Luer Lock connectors also available.

High Quality Material

Latex-free and durable, manufactured to withstand any procedural demand.

Single/Dual Port Options

All cuff styles are available in both single and dual port configurations, allowing for use with any A.T.S. tourniquet regulator.Single port cuffs for use with Zimmer single port Tourniquet Systems. Dual port cuffs for use with Zimmer Dual port Tourniquet Systems.

Contact Closures and Fasteners

Holds the cuff securely in position by virtually eliminating rolling and twisting.

Zimmer offers the comprehensive line of surgical tourniquet cuffs on the market. The disposable cuff family provides high quality material without the hassle of cleaning or risk of cross contamination. With a wide variety of sizes, it is easy to meet even the most demanding procedural need.

A.T.S. Disposable Cuffs
  • No cross contamination risk
  • Durable, high-quality material
  • Single and dual bladder options
  • Single and dual port options
Limb Protection Sleeves
  • Available for all Zimmer tourniquet cuffs
  • Specific designs for A.T.S. Cylindrical,Contour and Small Adult Cuffs
  • Shown to be more effective than other forms of limb protection1
  • Helps protect skin from wrinkling, pinching and shearing
  • Helps prevent tourniquet contamination
  • Does not clog cuff closure material
Product Brochure
  1. New Limb Protection Sleeves for Zimmer A.T.S.(R)  Automatic Tournquet Systems. Zimmer; 2002, 2004.