Distal Radius Fracture Fixator

Today’s active adults and young people expect to return to their lifestyles even after surgery. The Wristore Distal Radius Fracture Fixator offers an adjustable and stable approach for fractures of the distal radius.wristore01


The Wristore Fixator can be used as a standard spanning Fixator for distal radius fractures. The Fixator is made from a lightweight, high-strength polymer. Its radiolucent housing aids in fracture visualization on x-ray.wristore02


The Wristore Fixator provides extra wrist fixation and increased stability by allowing you to incorporate K-wire fixation to the fixator body. K-wire fixation allows the device to be used in patients with complex wrist fractures.wristore03


The incorporated K-wires help stabilize the fracture and allow the option of early rehabilitative wrist motion. This transition to non-spanning can occur within a few weeks after the initial surgery.



The Wristore Fixator surgical kit provides all implants and disposable instruments in one convenient pack, eliminating the need for a sterilization case and extra packaging. A standard OR drill is required for pin and K-wire insertion.
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