MIS Multi-Reference® 4-in-1 Femoral Instrumentation

Product Description

MIS Multi-Reference 4-in-1 Femoral Instruments are designed to:

  • Accommodate bone cuts for total knee arthroplasty through a smaller skin incision
  • Provide accurate, reproducible bone cuts
  • Minimize soft-tissue disruption
  • Allow adjustment and control of alignment prior to performing any bone cuts

The Multi-Reference 4-in-1 Instrumentation follows a “femoral, distal cut first” philosophy. From this flat, distal femoral platform, true surgeon choice of anterior and posterior referencing is provided. This instrumentation aids in establishing the proper femoral component sizing, external rotation, and A/P positioning. All cuts (A/P, chamfer, and trochlear recess notch) are completed using the 4-in-1 Femoral Cutting Guide, helping to avoid multiple instrument setups.

Anterior and Posterior Referencing:
The 4-in-1 Femoral A/P Sizing and Rotation Guide supports both anterior and posterior referencing approaches.

Speed and Accuracy:
The Multi-Reference 4-in-1 Instrumentation allows the physician to make the anterior, posterior, anterior chamfer, and posterior chamfer cuts quickly and accurately with one cutting guide.