MotionLoc™ Screw Technology

MotionLoc1The Zimmer MotionLoc Screw is Zimmer Trauma’s latest advancement in locking plate technology and is used in conjunction with the NCB® (Non-contact Bridging) Locking Plate System. The NCB® Polyaxial Locking Plate System is designed for temporary internal fixation and stabilization of fractures and osteotomies of long bones. Zimmer MotionLoctechnology can reduce the stiffness of locked plating constructs while retaining the construct’s strength.1


Zimmer MotionLoc Technology provides:

  1. Reduced stiffness of locked plating constructs, on average, by 80% while maintaining strength1
  2. Parallel fracture gap micromotion
  3. An internal, external fixator



1.      5.0mm Zimmer MotionLoc screws used for NCB® femoral plating construct.