NexGen® Complete Knee Solution MIS Intramedullary Instrumentation

Product Description

ng-comp-sol-mis-instThe NexGen MIS Intramedullary (IM) Instrumentation System is designed to help the surgeon by combining optimal alignment accuracy with a simple, straightforward technique. Furthermore, the MIS IM Instrumentation is designed to:

  • Accommodate bone cuts for total knee arthroplasty through a smaller skin incision
  • Provide accurate, reproducible bone cuts
  • Minimize soft tissue disruption
  • Allow adjustment and control of alignment prior to performing any bone cuts

Accurate Referencing and External Rotation
The external Rotation Alignment Guide is designed to assist the surgeon with establishing proper alignment and external rotation. There are 4 degree options available for setting external rotation of the femoral component in relation to the non-deformed posterior condyles. If desired, the surgeon can decide the angle based on anatomic landmarks of the distal femoral bone.

After a preliminary anterior cut, the Distal Femoral Cutting Guide is attached to the IM Alignment Guide to make the distal femoral cut. The appropriate angle is selected as determined by preoperative radiographs.

Precise Femoral Resection
The MIS Femoral Finishing Guide allows the physician to make the posterior cut, the chamfer cuts, the anterior finishing cut, the preparation for the trochlear recess, and ped holes quickly and accurately with one cutting guide.