Porous Distal Stem

Product Description

The ZMR Porous Revision Components offer a choice of proximal or extensive porous fixation options. These implants address varying degrees of bone loss and mismatch between the metaphyseal and diaphyseal regions. A variety of proximal body and distal stem combinations are available to address these issues while focusing on the goals of secure fixation and kinematic restoration.

Porous Stem Options

Straight and bowed porous stems are available in up to four stem lengths and up to 10 diameters to optimize patient fit. The porous stems are coated with plasma sprayed Tivanium® Alloy to allow for potential bone outgrowth.

The ZMR Hip Prosthesis is indicated for cementless total hip arthroplasty in patients whose bone stock is of poor quality or inadequate for other reconstruction techniques as indicated by deficiencies of the femoral head, neck, or portions of the proximal femur. Arthroplasty should be performed only when more conservative methods of treatment have failed to provide symptomatic relief or when there is progressive disability.
Information for Use
Special instruments are available and necessary to assemble, disassemble, and accurately install the implant components.
Contraindications include:
  • Use of this device when a less invasive procedure would be sufficient
  • Skeletal immaturity
  • Loss of abductor musculature in the affected limb
  • Poor bone stock (e.g., steroid-induced metabolic bone disease)
  • Poor skin coverage around the hip joint
  • Neuromuscular disease (e.g., Charcot's joint) in the affected limb