Trabecular Metal™ Femoral and Tibial Cone Augments

Product Description

The Zimmer Trabecular Metal Tibial Cone offers an optimal combination of material and design. It provides structural support in the area of bone loss and offers an alternative to grafting procedures. This product has an elasticity similar to bone, with an average porosity of up to 80%. Its fully interconnected pores allow uninterrupted pathways for biological in-growth, and its cellular structure resembles bone.*

* The Zimmer NexGen® Trabecular Metal Tibial and Femoral Augments are for use only with the NexGen Complete Knee Solution. When used with the LCCK System, the Trabecular Metal Augments are for cementless or cemented use. When used with the RH Knee System, the Trabecular Metal Augments are for cemented use only.

Product Brochure