Zimmer® 3-Dose Compact Cement Mixing System

Getting the Right Bone Cement Mix

The Zimmer 3-Dose Compact Vacuum Cement Mixing System is a disposable, sterile device that is optimally packaged for efficient storage and minimal waste.

The Zimmer 3-Dose Compact Vacuum Cement Mixing System has been designed for quick and easy mixing of up to three doses (3 x 40g) of bone cement. Its self-contained bone cement mixing element thoroughly mixes bone cement in all viscosity ranges and eliminates the mess and inconvenience of transferring cement prior to injection. The wide-mouthed funnel makes loading of ingredients a clean and simple process. The system comes with a vacuum pump adapter which allows for connection to various vacuum sources and the vacuum tube is equipped with a visual vacuum indicator.Orthopedic bone cements can be mixed manually or choose to power mix by simply removing the handle and using the machined metal reamer adapter.

The cartridge easily loads into the Power-Flo® Bone Cement Injector and, when needed, a wide selection of specialty cement nozzles is available.

The Zimmer 3-Dose Compact Vacuum Cement Mixing System features:

  • Quick and easy setup – ideal for both primary and revision procedures
  • Holds up to three doses (3 x 40g) of bone cement
  • Optional machined metal reamer attachment for power mixing
  • Efficiently mixes low- to high- viscosity cements in 30 seconds
  • Self-contained mixing element eliminates hassle of transferring cement before injection
  • Wide-mouth funnel helps reduce mess, while the stable base minimizes tipping and spills
  • Vacuum pump adapter provided for connection to various vacuum sources
  • Vacuum tubing with visual vacuum indicator
  • Charcoal filter reduces monomer fumes
  • Break-away cement nozzle
  • Compatible with the Power-Flo Bone Cement Injector and all Zimmer specialty cement nozzles
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