Zimmer® Compact Vacuum Cement Mixing System

Mix High Viscosity Bone Cement with Confidence

The Zimmer Compact Vacuum Cement Mixing System has been designed for fast, hassle-free mixing of high viscosity bone cements. Its self-contained mixing element thoroughly mixes orthopedic cement and eliminates the added mess and inconvenience of removing the bone cement mixing element prior to injection. The wide-mouth funnel makes loading of ingredients a clean and simple process. The system comes with a vacuum pump adapter which allows for connection to various vacuum sources, and the system is equipped with a visual indicator for easy vacuum mixing.

This disposable, sterile device is optimally packaged for efficient storage and minimal waste. The mixing cartridge is designed to easily load into the Power-Flo® Bone Cement Injector.

Zimmer Compact Vacuum Cement Mixing System Features
  • Quick and hassle-free setup
  • Efficiently mixes high viscosity bone cement in 30 seconds
  • Self-contained mixing element eliminates mess and inconvenience of removal
  • Stable base minimizes tipping and spills
  • Vacuum pump adapter provided for connection to various vacuum sources
  • Wide-mouth funnel helps reduce mess
  • Vacuum tubing with visual vacuum indicator
  • Clear cartridge for excellent mixing visibility
  • Charcoal filter helps reduce monomer fumes
  • Break-away cement nozzle
  • Obturator for removal of excess cement in nozzle
  • Ampule disposal bag
  • Compact packaging with little waste
  • Compatible with the Power-Flo Bone Cement Injector