Zimmer® Pulsavac® Plus AC Wound Debridement System

Product Information

The Pulsavac Plus AC Wound Debridement System combines convenience and power for a smooth and efficient flow of pulsatile irrigation and debridement. Orthopaedic surgeons have come to depend on the Pulsavac Plus System for superiorsurgical sound debridement and wound care. Now, surgeons can utilize the benefits of the Pulsavac Plus System with the new Pulsavac Plus AC Wound Debridement System.

The Pulsavac Plus AC System is a disposable, environmentally friendly system that includes a lightweight hand piece; a variety of tips; and a reusable AC adapter box, available in nine different country configurations that eliminates the need for alkaline batteries. Trigger- controlled pressure settings offer powerful wound vacuum cleaning action for bone or a gentle lavage for soft tissue. Concurrent suction and irrigation thoroughly remove debris and contaminants without flooding the field. The Pulsavac Plus AC System offers the versatility and reliability needed for effective, thorough, and environmentally friendly wound debridement.

Wide Selection of Debridement Tips

The Pulsavac Plus AC System includes a variety of debridement tips for orthopaedic applications. These tips include the dual-cone splash shield,designed to minimize splashback and help control the dangers associated with transient spray. AllPulsavac Plus AC Tips offer concurrent concentric suction to quickly remove irrigant and contaminated fluids from the operative site, providing a highly effective method of debridement and waste removal.

Complete Package

The Pulsavac Plus AC System is available in pre-assembled, sterile kits for specific applications and plug configurations.

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