M/L Taper Hip Prosthesis

Product Description

The Zimmer® M/L Taper Hip Prosthesis offers a simple alternative for patients with adequate bone stock. The collarless prosthesis optimizes the clinically proven tapered wedge fixation philosophy while providing secure mediolateral stability.  The stem is available in 14 sizes from 4mm–22.5mm, with standard and extended offsets.

The tapered wedge design provides a wedge fit for mediolateral stability. Slim A/P dimension conserves bone while providing excellent torsional stability. Tivanium® Ti-6Al-4V Alloy provides excellent biocompatibility and strength without excessive stiffness.

Circumferential Plasma Spray facilitates mechanical fixation for a secure bone-implant interface. Minimized Lateral Shoulder helps to conserve bone and ease insertion. Standard and Extended Offsets provide anatomical offset options to facilitate soft tissue tensioning. Extended offsets are achieved through a parallel neck shift without affecting leg length or changing the component neck angle.

  • 12/14 Neck Taper accommodates a complete selection of metal femoral heads with head center options of -3.5mm, +0mm, +3.5mm, +7.0mm, and +10.5mm
  • Reduced Neck Geometry below the 12/14 taper allows for optimized range of motion
  • Highly Polished Surfaces are designed to ease insertion and work in conjunction with the taper geometry
  • Distal Flutes provide a channel for blood and debris during insertion
  • Easy-to-use Instrumentation is designed to provide intraoperative flexibility
  • Diamond Tooth Rasp has a fine-tooth pattern for a smooth cut
  • Insertion Instrument Options offer a choice of Quick-Connect Stem Inserter and two Stem Drivers, one for rotational control and one for rotational freedom