Natural Nail™ System

ZNN_Family_Rev1The Zimmer Natural Nail System is a next generation system of intramedullary nails that was designed to restore the pre-injury shape of fractured long bones and provide stable fixation during fracture healing.  The nails feature a unique screw nail connection that allows a surgeon to create a true fixed angle construct that effectively unites the injured bone to the nail. Precision instrumentation is available to place the implants. The instrumentation was designed to allow surgeons to treat patients of varying sizes and shapes, as well as to accommodate their surgical preferences.

The new Zimmer Natural Nail System Tibia Nail features a sleek shape that helps the implant easily enter the medullary canal and advance to the distal tibia with minimal resistance.  Proximal screw holes are designed to maximize the length of screws that can be placed, while minimizing the risk of penetration of the joint space.

The Cephalomedullary Nail was designed to help treat fractures of the femur, especially intertrochanteric and subtrochanteric fractures. The nail features a small proximal section that is designed to minimize the amount of bone that must be removed for nail insertion. A lag screw is placed through the nail into the femoral head to secure the nail in place proximally and help control the different segments of the bone while healing occurs. Screws are placed through the nail distally to further secure the implant in place and maintain length and alignment while healing occurs.

A choice of short and long nails, as well as nails of different diameters and CCD angles are available to best match the individual anatomy of the patient.

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