PALACOS® Bone Cements

Cementing Confidence

Zimmer, a leader in orthopedics, is cementing confidence throughout the industry with PALACOS Bone Cement. With more than 50 years of proven clinical success, PALACOS cement stands apart from other bone cements. With its unique green color, PALACOS bone cement provides a clear contrast to bone and tissue for greater visibility. Available with the addition of Gentamicin, PALACOS R+G provides consistent antibiotic distribution and reduced revision risk.1 Its handling characteristics, high viscosity and quick dough time, make it easy to use for orthopedic replacement procedures. This makes PALACOScement ideal for conventional or minimally invasive surgery.

Key Features
  • Long history of clinical success1
  • Excellent fatigue strength2
  • High visualization
  • Superb handling characteristics
  • Superior antibiotic release characteristics(PALACOS R+G)3,4
  • Clinically proven antibiotic with broad spectrum of kill(PALACOS R+G)5
  • Available in a low viscosity formulation
Long Clinical History

Compared to other bone cements, PALACOS cement stands the test of time with a clinical history of low revision risk.1

Excellent Fatigue Strength

PALACOS R and PALACOS R+G demonstrate excellent fatigue strength compared to other commercially available cements.5

High Visualization

PALACOS cement’s green color provides improved visualization of the cement in comparison to bone. PALACOS cement also offers excellent post-operative visualization on x-ray.

Superb Handling Characteristics

After only 30 seconds of mixing, surgeons have a short waiting time for PALACOS cement to “dough-up” followed by a long working time.

Superior Release Characteristics

Studies show that the release characteristics of PALACOS R are superior to other bone cements. PALACOS R+G provides high local concentration of Gentamicin extending over several days. Even with a comparatively low 0.5 grams of Gentamicin,PALACOS R+G releases more antibiotic than other cements containing one gram of antibiotic.6

Broad Spectrum of Kill

PALACOS R+G contains Gentamicin which has a broad spectrum covering gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.7 As a pre-mixed formulation, PALACOS R+G provides a homogenous cement/antibiotic mixture and saves valuable OR time.

Available in a Low Viscosity Formulation

When a low viscosity bone cement is required, we have a formulation with and without Gentamicin to fill the need. PALACOSLV and PALACOS LV+G Bone Cements are based on the based on the same time-tested raw materials of PALACOS R andPALACOS R+G Bone Cements with the same unique green color.

Product Brochure
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NOTE: PALACOS is a trademark of Heraeus Kulzer GmbH. Under license from Heraeus Kulzer GmbH, Hanau, Germany.