TransFx™ External Fixation System

The TransFx External Fixation System is a modular system that provides the physician withCHOICES in frame construction, SIMPLICITY in frame components, and ease of TRANSITION in frame sizes, based upon anatomy and fracture type.

  • Innovative clamp design provides complete physician choice and control in frame construction.
  • Simple unilateral frames to complex modular frames are easily constructed for upper and lower extremity fracture management:

o Stabilization of long bone fractures
o Fractures of the pelvis
o Periarticular fractures
o Joint fusion
o Osteotomies
o Limb lengthening

Transitioning in dimensional planes is simplified through a comprehensive offering of single and multi-pin clamps, pins, and carbon fiber rods.

Speed-Nut Technologytransfx01

Innovative Speed-Nut clamp technology allows for initial finger tightening and therefore, provides ease of use, flexibility, and speed in frame construction.


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